XJAZZ Festival 2017

On our debut in May 2014, the XJAZZ instantly became Berlin’s biggest Jazz festival by incorporating already existing structures and venues, whilst bringing together musicians who collaborate on and perform joint projects.

Berlin is predestined for a bold program, which is why our focus is again above all on the Berlin music scene. Poland has been chosen as the partner country for our XJAZZ Festival 2017. We want to build a musical bridge and reach out to music lovers inside and outside Berlin.

Our contemporary understanding of Jazz music also covers electronically improvised music, new classical music, as well as singer/songwriter. Or in the words of Duke Ellington on Jazz: “The freest musical expression we have yet seen. To me, then, jazz means simply freedom of musical speech! And it is precisely because of this freedom that so many varied forms of jazz exist. The important thing to remember, however, is that not one of these forms represents jazz by itself. Jazz simply means the freedom to have many forms.” We couldn't have said this better ourselves.

As a club festival, XJAZZ will again centers in the heart of the scene – Berlin Kreuzberg. All locations are within walking distance of one another. In addition to the regular clubs such as Lido, BiNuu, FluxBau, Privatclub, Prince Charles and Monarch, special concerts will also take place at Emmaus Church until late into the night.

For the XJAZZ Festival 2017 we're happy to announce:

Fink's Sunday Night Blues Club
Rolf Kühn Trio
Adam Baldych & Helge Lien Duo
Tony Allen Quartet
Dieter Ilg
Aron Ottignon
Natalia Mateo
Amok Amor
Cyminology & Korhan Erel
Orlando Julius & The Heliocentrics
Birgitta Flick Quartet
Wojtek Mazolewski Quintet
Martyn Heyne
Igor Osypov feat. Logan Richardson
Lammel Lauer Bornstein